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Supporting Educational Institutions in Pakistan

During last 2 years The Commongrounds USA donated 30 Note Books/Computers to Pakistan's needy students. We also provided school supplies to the students of Elementry Schools of flood efected areas of NWFP also most needy and desrving area of Pakistan.

Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi met with Hon. Hussain Haqani, Ambassador of Pakistan to US at Pakistan Embassay, Washington, DC. Dr. Kazmi briefed to The Ambassador about "Help Pakistan Project'. Ambassador Haqani appreciated the Role of The Commongrounds USA. The Commongrounds will continue help Pakistan to Promote Education in Pakistan.

School Supplies and Text Books for an Elementry School

The commongrounds provided text books, school supplies and School Bags (Back Packs with Logo of the organization). At the event of receiving  the donation, teachers, students and attendees of a reception greatly appreaciated The Commongrounds USA. Schools supplies were provided to flood efected areas elementry schools at NWFP.


Education for all Project

The Commongrounds USA would like to continue extending its support for education in Pakistan.