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Abrahamic Faith Forum


A Project to foster honest, critical, and respectful dialogue between Abrahamic Faith

The name of the project shall be The Abrahamic Faith Forum

The Abrahamic Faith Forum

Sharing our Faith, this commitment is grounded particularly in Christian-Muslim relations, but also more broadly in relations between the three Abrahamic Faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It has led us to a shared commitment to the values of dialogue across the curriculum, in our research and dialogue as an academic method. In this perspective we are undertaking this project called Abrahamic Faiths Forum, for Ambassadors for Peace.

Project Territory: Washington, DC

Why will this take place in D.C?

America without “Unified Thought and Action among the Abrahamic Faiths” cannot win hearts for victory. Unfortunately we are not bringing voices together for peace which can be heard more seriously in this world. America is a home of Abrahamic Faiths, and we are the families. Our role to strengthen our relationships is a will of God and we can not go against God’s will, America should be victorious in its battle for diversity. This project “Abraham Faiths Forum” will bring voices together for Unified Thought and Action among the Abrahamic Faiths.

Project Life

A sustainable Project.

Religious diversity is a defining feature of life today and it is essential to engage in interreligious dialogue in the context of a contemporary understanding of the sources, histories, and theoretical complexities connected with religions and the study of them. This broader context provides a sense of sustainability to this Forum.

Project Format


Average of 100 participants includes Religious Leaders, Academic leaders, University Students, Religious institutions and Business People. Forum will take place in DC area on First Saturday evening of every month.

At a time when religion appears to be at the heart of humanity's gravest conflicts, it is clear that an increased understanding of how religion affects our lives is not an option: it is a necessity for survival.