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Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi attends President's Meeting

President Barack Obama hosted a meeting to share his vision and future plan with 120 leading and distinguished US people at Marvin Center GWU. Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi a well known Pakistani American Scholar and Executive Director of The Commongrounds USA attended President's meeting with his wife Tanvir Kazmi. President gave an hour long speech in this gathering and focused all important issues. President said: what we understood but maybe didn't fully appreciate was that I was taking office at a time of extraordinary crisis in this country. We had just gone through a decade in which job growth had been sluggish and in which middle-class families had seen their wages and incomes actually go down rather than go up. People had seen their health care costs rise, their college tuition rise. They had a sense that maybe the American Dream was increasingly out of reach for so many people. But what we found out when I was sworn in was that we were possibly down a path to a second Great Depression. The financial system had melted down. We had lost 4 million jobs in the six months prior to me taking office. We lost 750,000 jobs the month I took office; 600,000 after that; 600,000 the month after that.

Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi also received a letter from President Barack Obama on November 2, in his letter President Obama mentioned: with the magnitude of challenges we face, we will only overcome them if our imagination is joined to common purpose. The future we leave to our children and grandchildren will be determined by our willingness to shoulder each other's burdens, take great risks, and move forward as one people and one Nation. With your help, we will build on what we have already achieved and lay a new foundation for real and lasting progress.

US Committed to improve ties with Muslims: Honorable Ms. Carmela Conroy THE COMMONGROUNDS USA hosted a Luncheon Meeting to honor US Consul General Ms. Carmela Conroy.

Lahore-Pakistan: Honorable Ms. Carmela Conroy, Consul General of the US Consulate General Lahore presided over a Luncheon meeting hosted by The Commongrounds USA on Friday, November 6. The Commongrounds convene a quarterly Luncheon meeting to promote US Pakistan Peace Perspectives. Pakistani Religious Leadership along with other civil society representatives discuss and share their ideas and thoughts in the meeting to promote better understanding US Pakistan cooperative relationships. In his welcome remarks Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, Executive Director of The Commongrounds USA briefly mentioned about the founding vision of his Organization. He said that our purpose and goal has been to help people understand the Pakistani-American peace perspectives. He said, personally I have taken advantage of the fact that America is a pluralistic society and each person has an opportunity to attain success in whatever field they choose to indulge in. Through the Islamic communities in America, I have spent most of the time of my life to educate the Islamic communities to not only take advantage of the opportunities available to them, but to give back to the American nation as well. Honorable Ms. Carmela Conroy, US Consul General appreciated the role of The Commongrounds USA for promoting interfaith dialogue . Ms. Carmela also talked about recent initiatives taken by the President Obama, Ms. Carmela said we hope it will improve US relationship with Muslim World and especially with Pakistan.

Geo TV and other electronic media transmitted the proceedings of meeting LIVE for their viewers worldwide.

The Commongrounds USA hosts Interfaith Conference at Lahore

US Consulate General Hon. Carlmela Conroy meeting with Dr. and Mrs. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi at Lahore

The Commongrounds USA initiated "THANK YOU AMERICA" Campaign at Lahore Pakistan

The United States has responded immediately and generously to Pakistan's call for assistance following the tragic and devastating floods that began July 29. The United States Government is now providing $261 million to assist with relief and recovery efforts, which does not include considerable in-kind and technical assistance specifically to address the impact of these floods.

This includes approximately $211 million to support immediate relief efforts in Pakistan, through many local and international organizations, the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority, and the UN’s emergency response plan. An additional $50 million has also been allocated for initial recovery efforts to assist with rebuilding communities impacted by the floods. The U.S. also has provided civilian and military in-kind assistance in the form of halal meals, pre-fabricated steel bridges and other infrastructure support, as well as air support to and within Pakistan to transport goods and rescue people at an approximate value of $40 million./1 To date, these aircraft have evacuated more than 13,000 people and delivered 5.4 million pounds of relief supplies. American business and private citizens also made generous contributions to assist the people of Pakistan.

We can learn more about all developments, contributions and humanitarian assistance from the Fact Sheet of the US Department of State. Through this generous help and support we can easly understand how American people love and care Pakistani people.

To recognize and appreciate the role of American people, The Commongrounds initiated a campaign “Thank You America” at Pakistan. Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi mentioned about the campaign to US Political and Economic Chief Ms. Caroline Dow during her visit to Dr. Kazmi's visit on December 10th.